Fallen Law Enforcement Officers

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We receive telephone calls daily from people who search the internet for our phone listing because they live in Macungie. Our jurisdiction is quite smaller than the Macungie zip code. Your call for assistance could be delayed if you are calling the wrong place. A general rule to know is  we DO NOT have any 4 digit house numbers in our jurisdiction. The municipality in which you reside determines which police agency can assist you. 

Station Information

Mayor Ronald Conrad

Sergeant Travis Kocher

Officer In Charge

Corporal Michael Mullen

Officer Todd Bernhard

Officer Matthew Santiago

​Officer Madisyn Einfalt

Officer Richton Penn

​Officer Kyle Fisher

In Memory of

21 Locust Street  Macungie PA 18062 

(610) 966-2222    Police Administration ***

(610) 965-4878    Fax

(610) 437-5252    Lehigh County 911 Center


Sgt. Travis Kocher          tkocher@macungiepd.org

Cpl. Michael Mullen        mmullen@macungiepd.org

Ofc. Todd Bernhard        tbernhard@macungiepd.org

Ofc. Matthew Santiago   msantiago@macungiepd.org

Ofc. Madisyn Einfalt       meinfalt@macungiepd.org

Ofc. Richton Penn          rpenn@macungiepd.org

​​​​Ofc. Kyle Fisher                 kfisher@macungiepd.org

21 Locust Street Macungie, PA 18062

(610) 966-2222 Administration